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Dr. Biana Bochkur

Los Angeles Psychologist, Therapist, Psychotherapy

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About Us

Dr. Biana Bochkur

Dr. Bochkur has specialized pre-and postdoctoral training and extensive experience working with adults and adolescents. She provides expert care in areas including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, chronic medical conditions, work issues, and trauma. Dr. Bochkur is dedicated to offering compassionate and personalized therapy to help her clients achieve better mental health and overall well-being.


Los Angeles based psychologist and therapist specializing in treatment for substance abuse, anxiety and mood disorders.

As a clinical psychologist, I focus on a client's strengths, capabilities, and goals to help them overcome challenges and achieve happiness. Together, we'll discover what you need to live more fully and resolve the issues that brought you to therapy.


Our individual psychotherapy sessions offer a safe and supportive environment for exploring personal challenges, building resilience, and fostering emotional well-being.


Our family therapy sessions provide a nurturing space for addressing relational dynamics, fostering understanding, and promoting harmony within the family unit. 


Our couples therapy sessions focus on enhancing communication, resolving conflicts, and nurturing healthy relationships, providing couples with the tools to strengthen their bond and address challenges together.

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